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Gardens, Waterfalls, and Reservoirs

At Crop Swap LA ™, we are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly garden installation services. If you're looking to add some greenery to your home or business in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, look no further. Once installed, we also offer Garden Maintenance Plans to ensure that your garden continues to flourish, look vibrant and remains healthy throughout the year.


Water Recycling Garden Bed and Fountain Combo

Crop Swap LA™’s signature garden bed design that captures rainwater, recycles irrigation, and cycles that water through a beautiful water fountain. Custom designs are available in all shapes and sizes.

Private Gardens

Custom designed garden beds made with environmentally conscious materials. Includes labor, irrigation and timer, non-gmo seedlings, mulch, organic CSLA Veggie Mix, and building materials. Water recycling options available by adding a Pollinator Fountain to your garden. Inquire about our Garden Maintenance Plans!


Edible Pondless Waterfalls and Reservoirs

Custom designs are available in all shapes and sizes to replace backyard patios, driveways, sidewalks, and other landscaping platforms. Designed with a brilliant display of colors, textures, materials, and stones, the artistic display highlights food abundance and natural beauty.

Pollinator Fountains

Custom-designed pollinator fountains for any space or place.


Contact with any questions

Past Installations

Looking for a way to beautify your outdoor space while also supporting the environment? Crop Swap LA ™ offers garden installation services with water recycling options that make use of rainwater and proudly cycle it through stunning water fountains.


We also offer custom designs of all shapes and sizes, so whether it's your backyard, driveway or sidewalk, we can help you turn it into a gorgeous oasis that grows food in abundance.

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