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Crop Swap LA™ is now accepting consultation requests to help sprout Crop Swap [Your City] projects across the United States! 

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When your group or institution is ready to invest, hire Crop Swap LA™ for it's professional services, support, and guidance during its delicate first year of planning and launching.

This work is tricky, and our team is experienced and diligent in the planning, design, implementation, and development of urban farm systems, and can offer guidance to help you implement a sustainable urban farming project in your community. 

Goal #1

Identify your opportunities, advantages, and appropriate organizational structure for your community’s needs.

Goal #2

Lend our Crop Swap LA™ methodologies around water-capture, farming, organizational structure, community development and revenue generation. 

Goal #3

Finalize consultation services and begin the implementation of Crop Swap [Your City]


Develop Additional Crop Swap Pilot Programs

[Your City] has the people and resources to do something similar to Crop Swap LA™. We’re here to help!

Increase Presence of Small Producers and Local Food Distribution Systems

Crop Swap LA™ aims to spark and assist in the development of local food hubs across the United States. The organization has developed a pathway to building successful local food hubs and intends to support the sprouting of similar programs outside of Los Angeles County where it began. Access to nutritious foods, agricultural education, and sustainable local food solutions is here.

Support the Creation of Agriculture Education Programs  

As Crop Swap programs grow across the United States, the organization aims to support the implementation of education and community development programs on new farms. 

Next Steps:

Click the button below to schedule an initial consultation with Jamiah Hargins. Please share your objectives, current resources, goals, timeline, and desired community impact.

Please note that there is a consultation fee of $500, which will be payable at the time of booking. This fee ensures that we can dedicate the necessary time and attention to understanding your needs and providing valuable insights and advice tailored to your situation.

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