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"Crop Swap LA" is the new West Adams Crop Swap

Name changes start with a story, or maybe they end in one! We have rebranded for 2020 to encompass the whole city of Los Angeles, and invite participation/resources from various origins. You'll see us transitioning on social media and other platforms, so please bear with us as we make the move.

In the new phase, we'll focus on a few key areas:

- Farmers Market. This is a huge opportunity and we're going to make it work for everyone. Home based creators who want an economic outlet should contact us and get their products permitted and listed at the market.

- Workshops. As a means to connect with the community, we will offer classes at the Seeds of Carver Community Garden beginning Winter 2020. Join us!

- Microgreens. We're experimenting with nutrient-dense baby food. Who's down? If it's good enough for my 2-yr old, it'll be great for others!


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