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CSLA + adidas Collaboration

On October 14th, 20022, Jamiah was honored by adidas for their initiative HBE (Honoring Black Excellence.) The event was held at Hot and Cool Cafe and consisted of an intimate farm to table dinner curated by Chef Gladys Nyoth. Congresswoman Kamlager was gracious enough to introduce Jamiah before the unveiling of his adidas commissioned mural painted by the artist Shplinton. The evening finished with dancing and mocktails while guests were able to preview the CSLA adidas capsule collection.

For over a year and a half Jamiah and Samantha (SMLA Media) worked intensively with the adidas team to create a capsule collection for urban farmers and gardeners. The collection consists of a boot, sun hat, cargo pants, work coat, and 2 shirts. Jamiah and Samantha ensured that the details of each piece embodied the spirit and beliefs of Crop Swap LA, these details are guaranteed to impress folks in urban agriculture and gardeners.

A FEW highlights from the collection:

The limited edition Crop Swap LA + adidas Collection is on sale now in the adidas store Culver City until mid February.

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