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Forecast: HOT With Water Shortages

The song of the summer is a classic from 1975, by the great Nigerian artist Fela Kuti, "Water No Get Enemy" (loose translation: Water Has No Enemies).

The Colorado River and Lake Mead are drying up, the infrastructure to bring water to LA is in great need of repair, and water shutdowns have begun for LA County. Meanwhile, in South LA, Crop Swap LA is using water from our rainwater reservoirs to irrigate crops on our 2 (soon to be 3) microfarms. We've seen a 300% increase in interest for front yard microfarms in August. As the government continues to look for water solutions on a state level, we're going to continue to keep fighting to make sure that the water shortages don't increase food insecurity in communities where food apartheid is present. The more solar-powered microfarms we can create using recycled water, means more access to nutrient fresh produce, and also lowered carbon emissions for the area.

We're currently working diligently to install our microfarms in public schools, providing a fresh food source for the students and their families. Also, we hope in the near future to work with urban developers to create affordable agrihoods in LA where the microfarm will replace the golf course.

Meanwhile, this week like most farmers in the region, we'll be finding ways to protect our crops from the impeding 100 degree temps. Stay hydrated this week, and cherish every drop of that water.

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