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"Legal" Food Apartheid

The recent tragedy in Buffalo, New York has shed light on more than just racist violence, it's exposed more about "food apartheid." According to community activist @LeslieMack, the TOPS grocery store where the rampage occured, is the only grocery store in the Buffalo Black community. The community fought for decades to have any grocery store open in the area. The TOPS opened in 2003 and it is still the only grocery store in the area. It gets worse.

According to this article in if a supermarket decides to close its doors in a neighborhood, legally it can take many years for another grocery store to move into that same area. Thus creating a legal endless cycle of an oppressive food system.

Crop Swap LA's mission is to ensure that everyone has affordable and easy access to nutritious fruits and vegetables. We do this by creating hyper-local urban farms using front lawns or other unused spaces.

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