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Rain, Rain ... Go Away?

The recent unprecedented rain, snow, and atmospheric rivers have caused casualties; and an immense amount of property damage - but have also filled near-empty reservoirs across the state.

So when Californians begin rebuilding after the storms, at least they can sigh that the drought is over too ... well not quite.

The State is still in a drought, it's just not as extreme as 6 months ago. Water conservation and rethinking how we use water is still of utmost importance.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to so many of the large scale farmers that have seen their farms pummeled by the storms, it's truly heartbreaking. Crop Swap LA knows that we're fortunate that the weather hasn't made a negative impact on the microfarms in South LA.

All microfarm reservoirs are filled and will continue to recycle water, no matter the forecast.

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