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Seniors and Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is once again on the rise in Los Angeles, as many as 25% of LA households are facing food insecurity, according to a new study released by USC Dornsife’s Public Exchange.

Inflation, and rising food costs has put more elderly citizens at risk of being food insecure, which can cause a myriad of physical problems and mental stress. The National Council of Aging says that food insecure seniors are 65% more likely to be diabetic, as well as have a higher risk of heart problems, obesity, and asthma. Many seniors have to make the decision between higher quality food and expensive medications and doctor visits.

For nearly a year, Crop Swap LA has been donating 10% of our weekly fruit harvests to Good Shepherd Senior home. We leave the fruit on tables inside of their Community Room. "Community" is exactly what was used to harvest the fruit.

If you or someone you know has a fruit tree, that's ready to harvest and produces more than you can consume, let us know!

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