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Women in agriculture: Innovation and Tenacity

According to the USDA, 31% of US farmers are women, that's not including urban farmers. Unfortunately, even though women are such an integral part of agriculture and environmental preservation, we don't hear enough about their contributions. Crop Swap LA stumbled upon Harriet Williams Russell Strong, do you know her? You should. Here's a brief snippet from ->Harriet Williams Russell Strong (USA, 1844-1926) Widowed with kids and without any formal education, Harriet pioneered new methods in water conservation and dry land irrigation to supply her walnut, olive and pomegranate plantings. She created several inventions and patents, raised fast-growing pampas grass and sold plumes in her efforts to save her family and ranch from debt. She later became the leading commercial grower of walnuts in the U.S. Her life’s work and advocacy for water conservation, irrigation, women’s rights and education gained her fame as an inventor, agricultural pioneer, civic leader, philanthropist and advocate for women.

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