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Food is Power: Eradicating Food Insecurity One Yard at a Time

The Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability (IBES) continues to be at the forefront of business for good initiatives with a new interdisciplinary competition for LMU students called the Promotion of Justice Challenge.

The challenge, born from this statement of solidarity and conversations between IBES Director Jeff Thies and Entrepreneurship Professor Jason D’Mello, provides a creative opportunity for students from all majors that uses the power of storytelling – both written and visual – to profile organizations that are making a positive impact on the world.

“The goal of this challenge was to bring our campus community together during the lockdown to search for positive inspiration from companies using business as a force for good and share their stories,” said D’Mello, who oversaw the competition.

Student teams were tasked with interviewing and profiling a business that advances social justice and promotes one or more of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities, and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

First place and $2,500 went to “Food is Power: Eradicating Food Insecurity One Yard at a Time” featuring an interdisciplinary team of business and film students: Steve Howell, Faith Nishimura, Ryan Walker and Tyler Walker. The team profiled Asante, a microfarm operated by Crop Swap LA, a social enterprise that is changing the urban landscape by tackling urban food deserts and reinvigorating local economies in an innovative and sustainable way.

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