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Vote for us TO WIN $100,000 to fight FOOD INSECURITY

We are finalists to build 1 garden, but if you

VOTE TODAY, we can build 15!

Crop Swap LA is proposing to build front yard residential gardens in a low income area with water-saving, regenerative organic farming methods. It will produce green job training opportunities and nutrient dense, locally sourced fruits, vegetables and herbs. (Just to start...)

Our first installation is tentatively slated to begin in the Crenshaw Manor area in mid September 2020. The area is generally low-income and in high-need of greater food options than the local supermarkets can offer at present. 

A small yard sized 40 feet by 20 feet, we expect the installation and a year of maintenance to cost approximately $6,500. We plan to cover that cost with the grant money.

(Again, we currently have enough for 1 garden as finalists.) 

What's innovative about our approach, is that we plan to share 5 - 15% of our revenue with the resident/homeowner in our licensing agreement for the space and water. Over the course of a year of growing cycles, sales of harvests, maintenance, and replanting, could amount to as much as $7,000 per year for them. This income creates a resistance opportunity for LA residents struggling with #gentrification pressure.

So, in the near future, you could buy these crops right after it's been harvested through our partners such as @westadamsfarmersmarket, held every Sunday at 1968 West Adams Blvd,

and @cropswap which enables chefs and #foodies to subscribe regularly for fresh Cropbox deliveries.

A portion of the harvest will be donated regularly to organizations feeding those in need.

VOTE Monday July 13th - Monday July 20th.

ALL US Residents 14 years and over are eligible to vote.

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