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Grow food anywhere with Gardensoxx! These easy-to-use gardensoxx are made of heaby duty black mesh that works to keep roots moist while still providing airation to the soil and roots for a healthy plant. Just fill the black mesh with soil and plug your plants or seeds directly into it and tie the ends with the accompying zip ties, and your gardensoxx is ready to go 🌱


The beauty of Gardensoxx is flexibility, you can move plants around without disturbing the roots. 3 feet long, and 8 inches wide, these are excellent gifts and additions to your home garden.


Each gardensoxx packet comes with:


  • 1 3ft long black mesh gardensoxx
  • 2 zip ties


*Disclaimer: These gardensoxx are not pre-filled with soil. If you are looking for pre-filled gardensoxx, check out our Pre-filled Gardensoxx.*


  • In an effort to be mindful of CO2 emissions from shipping, we will be shipping out purchased items once a week. Delivery will take around 3-5 business days from when the item is shipped. We only ship within the United States. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! 🌱

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