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Transforming front lawns into community supporting microfarms.



Crop Swap LA Fruit Tree Harvest




Don't Let That Fruit Go

To Waste

LA food insecurity

About Crop Swap LA™ 

Easy access to affordable, nutrient rich food is our right, not a luxury.

Founded by Jamiah Hargins in 2018, Crop Swap LA™ has grown from a small monthly neighborhood swap of fruits and vegetables, to a globally recognized movement. 

The Crop Swap LA™ mission is to grow food on unused spaces, creating sustainable jobs and local, nutrient-rich food in communities affected most by food insecurity. 

They believe that food should be grown and consumed locally to reduce reliance on inefficient, water and carbon intensive global supply chains.

Front Yard Converted Into A Microfarm

Get Your Hands Dirty
Volunteer with us!

CSLA is excited to be partnering with Change The Tune to bring STEM-aligned Gardening workshops and afterschool programming to youth at Audubon Middle School in Africa Town/Leimert Park.


Led by CSLA Farm Educator Mychal Creer, the weekly workshops teach the middle school youth how to grow their own food from seed to harvest.


Change The Tune is a local 501 (c)3 that offers 21st century entrepreneurial based afterschool STEAM programs in LA, Somerville, and Chicago. CSLA is thrilled to support this mission, which will bring more food to our local communities while helping inspire the next generation with the love of gardening and cultivation.



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Asante Microfarm

The first front yard microfarm utilizing recycled rainwater and solar energy.

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La Salle Microfarm