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The Los Angeles Times, TWICE In One Week!

We're kicking off summer, REALLY enthused! We were mentioned TWICE in the LA Times in one week. We're enthused because it means we're making an impact in the community and these mentions help to keep us inspired to do more.

Our good friends from Prosperity Market, Carmen & Kara, were featured in this article (as they should be). Thank you for mentioning us and we're so proud and excited to watch how the market is evolving and growing. They are so committed to supporting Black Growers as well as making a phenomenal market experience for shoppers.

Mike Garcia of Enviroscape LA has been a mentor to Crop Swap LA and was an integral component to the build of the Asante Microfarm. Mike is passionate about saving water, the environment, pollinators and DESIGN. We were excited that his much deserved article included Crop Swap LA™.

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